25 January 2009

Hello Planet GNOME

Since I have 5 hours to kill in London Heatrow, I might as well introduce myself.

I am Pierre-Luc Beaudoin and obviously I’ve recently been added to Planet GNOME.  I am a software developer at Collabora in the Montréal office since I finished my studies in 2008. I have since then participated to WebKitGtk, QtWebKit and Telepathy/Empathy.  Most of my free time goes to my personal project: libchamplain – a map Gtk+ map widget (currently depending on Clutter for eye candy).  I hope this project will be embraced by the community, as a potential add-on to the desktop, answering to a specific problem almost untickled before.

My hobbies include improving OpenStreetMap’s map, photography, traveling, collecting small flags and learning German.

I was at linux.conf.au and I will be at FOSDEM 2009, don’t miss my talk “Bringing geolocation into GNOME“.

Comments (3)

  1. 25 January 2009
    Zeeshan Ali said...

    Congrats! you finally made it. :)

  2. 26 January 2009
    Ben said...

    Nice to read your stuff on planet.gnome. I watched your impromptu presentation on libchamplain at the maemo summit and your short Webkit introduction was quite nice. I’ll be looking forward to your talk on geolocation support. I hope you’re going to talk about the telepathy integration as well.

  3. 28 April 2010
    vimal said...

    Your blog contains lot of informations. I have a query. We need to develop a CE-HTML browser. I have seen in NEWS that GStreamer support is available from WebKitGTK+ 1.1.22. Is it available in GT-Webkit also?