18 January 2009

Location: the other side of the world!

This week-end I flew all around the world [from Helsinki, FI] to head to Hobart, AU. I’ll be giving a talk at linux.conf.au titled “Contributing to WebKit” on Thursday at 11:40 in the Stanley Burbury 2.

As the abstract states, if you ever wanted to work on a big project that still has a relatively understandable codebase, come and learn how you can participate! The talk will be very much about the WebKitGtk and QtWebKit ports, but it will cover all aspects of contributing to WebKit.

Comments (2)

  1. 19 January 2009
    Darren Collins said...

    Any chance you can publish slides/video of your talk?

  2. 20 January 2009
    frank said...

    Hi,sorry to bother.I think the presentation will be great according to the description.But pity that I can not go since I am living in China…Do you have any plan to share the presentation’s material if there is any? I am just working on webkit related project and think that your presentation will be great helpful.Appreciate it if you can reply. Best Regards.