27 November 2008

Interesting product, but…

So Nikon has a geotagger in its sleeves and it is soon to be available.  Unfortunately it won’t be compatible with my D40.  Reading the review and the technical specifications, I am not so sorry.

The device seems small, fast and it doesn’t required its own power source.  That’s the pros.  The con is that you need to use a software to geotag your pictures afterwards.  I mean: come on, you can easily put that directly into the EXIF data right at the moment your are taking the picture!  No need to do that afterwards!

So while this is a very interesting products, we’ll have to wait a bit more to have something that just works and isn’t a more work.

On a side note, this means that my EOG Map plug-in will be much more useful in the next years!

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  1. 27 November 2008
    Hub said...

    In that case, bettre get Sony’s, that is vendor neutral and also require software to do it (works great with Linux as it is a mass storage device and use standard file formats). Also since it take GPS coordinate vs time is the ultimate pocket GPS trace maker for mapping.