14 November 2008

12 months

I did miss my anniversary too, but only by 2 days :)   On November 12 last year, I joined Collabora in the Montréal office.  It has been a very interesting year.  While there is half a ton of things I can’t discuss here, I can talk about why I like being at Collabora ;)

While my task did change a lot during the last year, the nature of my job didn’t.  I am still writing Open Source software.  Everything I do is available to the public and licensed in a proper way.  This is a very important aspect of my job and I like it.  But how do they make money, you ask? By finding and convincing customers that contributing to open source software is for their best.

With Collabora, I was able to travel across Western Europe (and more very soon) and meeting really interesting people.  If I had stayed at my previous job, I’d never have been to FOSDEM, GUADEC, the Maemo Summit and more.  This is one very important advantage of working for Collabora.

I was also offered chances I wouldn’t have everywhere like presenting at conferences and working on big projects.  This all makes me very glad of my decision 12 months ago, but most of all, I’m very happy to work with such a great team.

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