24 September 2008

Frequent flyer

It is quite easy to find out if you are a frequent flyer.

  1. You wonder if the movie selection will have been updated because you already have seen all the movies from your previous flights;
    • Just to find out that you also saw the new selection at home…
  2. You know exactly what to remove and how to speed up security checks*
  3. You have flown with 4 different carrier, some more than once.
    • And you obviously know which one have the best (Air France) and the worst (Air Transat) food.
  4. Flying 5,5 hours to Heatrow seems short.
  5. You arrive just on time at the airport.
  6. And finally, you can recite the security procedures video by heart.

* Speaking of which, they should really make a newbies lane

Update: apparently the past of fly is flown.

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