9 September 2008

10 days before Maemo Summit 2008

As it has already been pointed out, there are only 10 days left before the opening of Maemo Summit 2008. I’ll be attending this first summit with Marco Barisione, one of my colleagues from Collabora. We’ll both be presenting.

On Saturday September 20th at 15:30 for half an hour, Marco will introduce you to Telepathy, the framework used in the maemo platform for instant messaging and audio/video conferencing.

On Saturday September 20th at 16:30 for half an hour, I will introduce you to WebKit, the open source web engine. I’ll be explaining part of the internals and demonstrate how to use it in your Gtk or Qt application today (therefore this talk is oriented towards Gtk+ and Qt, which are toolkits  you can use to build applications for the maemo platform).

The summit is right after OSiM World, at headquarter of c-base in Berlin, Germany.  I hope to see you in great numbers at both our talks!

Schedule subject to changes, see the official wiki page for times and details.

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