8 September 2008

I see progress

I’ve been very busy in the last 2 weeks (with my brother’s emergency surgery and the work), but I did manage to work on libchamplain and code new features.

I finally fixed the limited zoom bug I had (it did take me more than one try!). There were some glitches with small zoom levels (where the map was smaller than the window), but these are history.  I also had to patch clutter-gtk (see bug #1114) to generate [the missing] scroll events to have mouse wheel zooming.

Different map sources are now available. You currently have 3 sources built-in: OpenStreetMap Mapnik, OpenArialMap and Maps For Free Relief.  You can change the map source at run time!  I’ve attempted to write support for other non free sources but their usage terms prevents their use, so I stopped.

Markers (pins on the map) were planned for 0.3, but I figured they were so important that I wrote them earlier. ChamplainMarkers are nothing more than ClutterActors placed at the right position on the map. You are free to draw anything (or load an image) as a marker. I also created a default marker for simple text markers. In the first screenshot, all markers are different because I wanted to demonstrate the parameters you can change (text, font, marker color and font color).  Markers can even be translucient!

Little fixes to the installed files, small animations and complete doc are also in. I think it is now usable in a real-life application. That is why I wrote EOG Map plugin (a very good idea of vuntz).

It is is a plugin for Eye of Gnome that adds a sidebar that displays the geolocation of the image on a map. I even toyed with the champlain API and created an annoying but yet cool throbbing marker.

I’d like to thank the people who helped me put this together. Their early reviews, comments and their help were key to keep me progressing when I was actually growing out gray hair on problems (like getting gtk-doc working).

Now, could your app benefit from a map? Think about it :)   In the mean time, someone wants to package it?

Comments (2)

  1. 8 September 2008
    liberforce said...

    Wow! This EOG plugin is the best idea I’ve seen for a while ! It’s a pity my camera doesn’t support geotagging :-(

  2. 8 September 2008
    Pierre-Luc Beaudoin said...

    You can always tag them afterwards with gpscorrelate http://freefoote.dview.net/linux_gpscorr.html

    I will probably add the ability to set the photo’s position with the map. But that’s for later :)