14 August 2008

A new font dialog

Alberto, starting from your prototype UI, I let my mind free.  I think the flow feels simpler, and it is less cluttered to the eye.  Since all lists are searchable, I removed the search area.  I moved the buttons under the font list because I think that we always select a font in this order: Font face, font weight and style, then size.

I still think we might need more labels to explicitly tell the user what is listed in the font list.  This version also has the advantage that if a font name is too large, you can always resize the window.

Anyway, that was my 2 cents :) I am no HIG specialist.

Comments (3)

  1. 14 August 2008
    Sandy said...

    I like this version a lot better, very nice.

  2. 20 August 2008
    moloh said...

    You forgot about search categories, e.g., all, mono, arabic, etc. Search based on these categories is very nice feature of the proposed mockup.

  3. 20 August 2008
    Pierre-Luc Beaudoin said...

    Yes indeed, the first mockup only had a simple search bar (not mentioning categories). The latest mock-up is much improved: http://aruiz.typepad.com/siliconisland/2008/08/font-selectio-1.html