21 July 2008

Before it is too late for a post-GUADEC post

I am complete back in sync with my time zone now, I can write about GUADEC :)   It was my first GUADEC ever, and my second conf ever (the first being the excellent FOSDEM).  It was wonderful, I met lots of nice people and learned a lot.  The most promising projects I’ve seen were libcanberra (new sound library), Soylent and Banshee (I hadn’t tried the 1.0 release yet).

I seem to always be a bit depressed the first week after a conf.  As one of my fellow traveler said, it is as if we were in a summer camp for a week: living close, eating, traveling, doing all together… no wonder I feel a little depressed back home!

Istanbul was unbelievable.  It holds so much history, more than I even expected.  The food was exquisite, in all the restaurants I’ve been.   The language was too bad, given that I had a small handbook and barely left the tourist neighbourhood. I certainly plan to visit more of Turkey someday.  You can see my pictures here.

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