3 July 2008

Having some Python+clutter fun

Now that I have a nice camera, I should display my pictures on my computer’s screensaver.  But I am unsatisfied with the current selection of photo screensaver.   So I though, there’s the Apple TV’s screensaver which is quite cool and allow a lot of pictures to be displayed at the same time, I should try to reproduice it.

Clutter came as a natural choice since I had already played with it back in the 0.2 days.  But I though that writing C was too much hassle for such project: I went with Python.

I did have difficulty to find documentation on how to get started at first.  After only some hours, I had a working version that provides reasonable performance and looks.

I don’t wish to recreate the whole scene rotation thing, but I am looking for help on improving it (add flickr support, better performance, turning it into an actual screensaver)!

So here is the code, GPLed: http://git.collabora.co.uk/?p=user/pierlux/savr.git;a=summary

Have fun!  You can also come and see me to talk about it at GUADEC 2008, I will be there (I am actually already in Istanbul)!

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  1. 3 July 2008

    What? pyclutter instead of cluttermm? I’m hurt ;)