17 June 2008

Is it the end of Ogg Vorbis streams at Radio-Canada?

Update: They were rather quick to get the streams back on! Now that they are up, let’s make them known.

Update 2 : Apparently, I’m being told that it was possibly a real technical problem.  I might have jumped to conclusions considering that I’ve never been able to access their Audio/video section on Linux.

Update 3: The service is officially down.  Radio-Canada replied to us that they only provide the [non-free] Microsoft Windows Media streams from now on.

For many years, Radio-Canada (Canada’s BBC in French), was streaming 2 of their radio stations in Ogg Vorbis.  Some 2 months ago, I discovered that the Espace Musique stream had been stopped but I didn’t bother to call then since I barely listened to it.  But today, they shut down the Première chaîne stream, which leaves me without any local news.  That’s enough.

They even erased the page mentioning that such streams ever existed: Radio-Canada.ca.  I’ve already sent a “technical error report” on their web site.  You may do so too here Rapport d’incident technique (only in French).  Here is what you should submit (in French too, since they only broadcast in French, copy/paste will do):

J’étais sur la page: http://ms2.radio-canada.ca/

Je voulais: Écouter vos flux Ogg Vorbis sous Linux.

Il s’est produit ceci: Vous avez interrompus vos flux.  Je ne peux donc plus écouter Radio-Canada sans briser des lois (c’est à dire installer illégalement les codecs WMA sur mon ordinateur pour écouter vos flux WMA).

Nom: <Your name>

Courrier électronique: <Your email>

I’ve also wrote an email to the team responsible for the web site as I’ve been suggested by the person who helped me when I called them.  Their Audio/vidéo section is heavily not Linux friendly, let’s not let it slip anymore!

Comments (4)

  1. 17 June 2009
    Sam said...

    I think the ogg is gone. The only link to stream that works seems to be


  2. 17 June 2009

    It is indeed gone. Radio-Canada replied to some requests from me about it by saying that they are only providing the non free Microsoft Windows Media stream now.

  3. 29 July 2009
    maumac said...

    Thank you for your “template”! It allowed me to submit my complain too. I’m not that proficient in le français, actually I want to listen to espace musique in order to learn la belle langue.

    It’s very sad they stopped their ogg streaming, since it’s a public radio that should be accessible to everyone, not just customers from any specific company.

    Fortunately CBC Radio 2 knows better and still provide their ogg stream.

  4. 27 August 2009
    Philippe said...

    I just saw that they now have MP3 streams, including high quality (128 bit) for espace musique. The URLs for all the streams can be found here: