3 June 2008

When a geek goes for a walk…

With my D40 and my N810 in hand, we went for a walk on the Mount Royal, Montréal’s Central Park. I knew what I wanted to do with my pictures, but I didn’t check how to do it before leaving. I only figured it should be important to synchronise my digital camera and my GPS. I also set Maemo Mapper to track our route.

Six hours and 80 pictures later, I was back home. I used gpscorrelate to put the GPS position in the EXIF information of my pictures. I was surprised, it was quite easy to do since Maemo Mapper produces data in gpx format.

After some search on the Web, I found that I have to activate this before importing my geotagged images into flickr. I put my pictures online with postr and voilà: see the map.

Once that was done, I knew I could do more with the GPS data. I exported it to a CSV file using gpsbabel and imported it into OpenOffice to generate charts. Here is what I got:

Visite au Mont-Royal

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