19 April 2008

The National Bell ExpoScience Final

The Super Expciences Bell is the national final of regional ExpoSciences fares in Québec. At these fares, students from High School to CÉGEP (comes after High School in Québec) can present their scientific projects. Projects are reviewed and marked. The best ones are invited to travel to international sciences fares or to the Canadian final.

Going through the computer related projects and health projects that interested me, I have to admit the quality of the projects is surprisingly high. The following projects have retained my attention:

  • a project describing the Chron Disease;
  • a project describing Asthma;
  • a chatbot project written completely in Javascript, and it was quite convincing (you can even try it on-line at http://www.seb-ia.fr.nf ;
  • a project to improve text completion ofT9 capable phones;
  • a multi-touch screen project with a unique user interface completely written in pigment.

As a former graduate student of the university hosting the fare (ie École de technologie supérieure) and active participant in a computer science industry, I’ve been invited to participate into the Future Dinner. It was the occasion for the students to meet with people from many industries and talk to them about their work. I’ve meet very enthusiast and dynamic persons. I’ve explained to them my personal life and how I ended up doing open source software. I hope I’ve been usefull in their process of choosing a career.

On the technical side: all the projects were created using open source tools and that was heart warming to see. To the eyes of the young, the future is open.

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