20 January 2008

The Nokia N810

I have had a N810 for 4 weeks now and I like my new gadget. This new revision (coming after the N800 and 770) sports a full qwerty keyboard that makes it really faster to write emails and chat. But only in English. The French Canadian keyboard layout seems to be missing many accentuated letters (è, ê, even é!), the suggested completion words list is incomplete (ie common word “cadeau” is missing) and do not give priorities to suggestions (listing ticked before ticket). As I’ve seen the request before, a quick switch between 2 layouts is needed. The keyboard itself is a little smooth; your thumbs are gonna be full of pain after 30 minutes of typing (I am writing this review on the train).

The bundled GPS receiver is a great add-on although the default Maps application misses many streets on its Canadian map (my hometown’s main street built in 1867 is missing, go figure). Hopefully, there is Maemo Mapper an open source map application that use known Internet map sources as OpenStreetMap. Plus, Maemo Mapper has a position tracker which is the functionality I was looking for.

I am fairly new to Maemo (the platform on the N810) and I am pleased with the diversity of applications available. As for the usability of the UI: there are some issues. One is that the X to close application is hard to hit without the pen. We can’t minimize the applications from the taskbar like on any other OS. And finally, the UI is missing some consistency: some part of it can be used with the fingers while other not. Half of the scrollbars are finger size and not the rest (although I believe they should never be finger size).

The device feels fairly fast only some flash heavy websites make it slow to use. But it does have flash, witch is a plus for accessing YouTube and more.

The only real problem I had so far was when starting the camera while other apps (Maps or the music player) were running: the tablet will stop responding and instant reboot.

The bundled media player is pretty good itself. It plays many popular formats out of the box and has a nice net radio library. It has near 800 stations in many languages and for many music styles (although Radio-Canada is missing).

I’ve got all the development tools installed, I’m planning to hack on it soon.

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  1. 13 April 2008
    Richard said...

    ou acheter le N810 dans la region de Montreal