10 December 2007

HTML5 media tags in WebKit/GTK+

I’ve been working on bringing support for media tags in WebKit/Gtk+ in the past weeks. Based on Antti Koivisto’s work on the general WebKit support for the tags and his QuickTime implementation, I was able to provide the basics for this to work.

Sure there are sharp corners right now, it’s a good start. While I did the backend part, connecting WebKit and GStreamer, Alp Toker did a GStreamer sink for Cairo that completes the work. You can see the screenshot on his blog.

Media tags will enable web developer to integrate video in a page as easily as it is for an image nowadays. You could eventually implement a complete media player within a HTML file. With all the major browsers publicly announcing their progress on the matter (Safari, WebKit/Gtk, Firefox, Opera), we can sure hope we’ll see less flash and more pure video in the next years.

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