20 April 2009

libchamplain has got a SoC project

There will be a Google Summer of Code project for libchamplain – your Clutter based Map Widget for your Clutter or Gtk+ based applications. This project will be realized by Simon Wenner.  He will be working on getting the map rendered locally (using OpenStreetMap xml data) as opposed to downloading the pre-rendered tiles as libchamplain currently does.  At the end of the summer, libchamplain will support both for best flexibility.

This functionality means a lot of possibilities for libchamplain: better accessibility, smaller bandwidth needs, smaller cache footprint, more context data and finally themable maps.  These can be very useful if you are running on different platforms such as Maemo 5 or a desktop: bigger fonts, more contrast, tango colors!

(oh and by the way, this is the new default markers: more on them in a later post)

Unfortunately, another very interestant SoC idea didn’t make it to selected list: a glib based OSM data API.  That would have made it very useful to access the downloaded data.  But hey, that will be for later!  Thanks to all the students that submitted a project idea on libchamplain :-)

Comments (3)

  1. 21 April 2009
    Ploum said...

    The most frustrating bit about the unselected SoC is that it’s 26th on the list, with only 25 slots availables.

  2. 21 April 2009
    Michael said...

    The link to the project doesn’t work. It says, I need to log in. Isn’t there a public link? :)

  3. 21 April 2009
    Jakub Steiner said...

    Seriously sexy!