9 October 2009

Just arrived in Boston

I just arrived in Boston in time for the Boston Gnome Summit.  The trip down to Boston with Greyhound was less than wonderful, and to think I was complaining about Orléans Express’ service between Montréal and Québec city!  Comparing Greyhound to German trains would be comparing chaos to order.  We only had a lunch pause because we were offered one when we changed driver and we were not supposed to change driver… That would have been a very long 8 hours bus ride!

At least the hotel we are staying at this year is in a more lively part of the city :) See you tomorrow!

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  1. 9 October 2009
    Richard Schwarting said...

    I’ll note that I adore Greyhound service.

    In particular, they treat their passengers like mature, responsible adults. Get off, you have 30 minutes, and we leave, with or without you. A lot of it is informal because it doesn’t need to be formal. Formalities give you giant, painful airports where humanity is scripted out of everyone.

    Whenever I’ve driven across Canada from Ontario to BC and back, they’ve always stopped 3 times a day for meal breaks and paused for a few moments at Greyhound parcel-passenger-pick-up locations to allow people to stretch (and smoke) if desired.

    Their goal is coach service, and they provide the simplest, most efficient intercity coach transit I know.


  2. 10 October 2009

    I do have to admit that they treat you like responsible adult, you have to be if you don’t want to be left in the middle of nowhere. What I most despised was the ridiculus age of the buses, their lack of electricity nor a table. Some of the bus operators in Québec even provide free wifi, if you see what I am complaining against!

    Also, maybe I got a rude driver on the 2nd leg… After all, he replied to a respectful question (“Can you estimate how much time we are going to be late?”) with “Ma’am, I just don’t know. I am paid to drive this bus. I’ve been told to take this bus to Boston and I don’t give a shit when it arrives”. Very helpful. Good think we passed a “Boston in 11 Miles” just then.

  3. 10 October 2009
    Francois Proulx said...

    J’ai fait le trajet Montréal – Boston, Montréal-New York aller retour quelques fois… Vraiment pas plaisant et effectivement ils te drop dans un shack de rednecks entre deux montagnes au Vermont ou N-H et t’a juste le temps de courir pour aller bouffer du fast food même pas bon. Ça pu, y fait chaud et on a pas de place pour les jambes. Vraiment horrible. Si tu es au moins 2 personnes ça revient presque moins cher, plus vite, plus fun de louer une voiture pour y aller…. welcome to America !