17 March 2008

The Gouvernement du Québec sued over renewal of proprietary licences

Savoir Faire Linux has decided to go and sue the Gouvernement du Québec about their choice of Microsoft Windows Vista without a proper call for tenders. This is supposedly a first in North America, and I personally hope they do win.

The Gouvernement du Québec is a 100% Microsoft Windows installation as far as we can see. This could be great for the local businesses working in the domain. Switching to Linux could boost our economy by not sending 80 M$ straight away into the US.

Here is the French press release:

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  1. 31 March 2008
    gaby philippe said...

    sueing the goverment of quebec is not the issue ,if considering the benefits for Quebec using the services of Linux (open source)…in quebec we have great developers and consultants like Collabora company who can help a lot with this Linux freindly user sour ce….If this chance was given to local companies it would make a big difference for all……money should be spent where it is usefull for our economy….